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  • Searching for rental properties on Craigslist, Trulia, and other real estate websites is often a waste of time. You have to be careful of SCAMS, unreliable information, and outdated listings.

  • 3Z Realty works with ALL of the apartment complexes in town and can provide you with floor plans/ pictures and reviews for any properties of interest.

  • We work with other Real Estate Companies/ Agents and Property Management Companies and can give you information on ALL AVAILABLE RENTALS in San Marcos TX and surrounding areas. 

  • UPDATED information on Apartment Availability, Move -In Specials, discounts and INCENTIVES.

  • The 3Z Agents have resided in San Marcos TX for 10+ years and have lived at many of the apartments in town. We can provide HONEST opinions/ feedback on any properties of interest.

  • REFERRALS/ DISCOUNTS for most of your moving needs: Moving Companies, Storage, Furniture Rental Companies, etc.

  • Step by Step GUIDANCE throughout the entire Rental Process.

  • Best of all our service is 100% FREE!!!

​Read the article below to learn how we get paid for our services! 

Benefits of Using a Locator to find Apartments and Rental Property in San Marcos, TX 
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