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I am looking for a rental for August, when will properties be available to lease for that time frame? 


Unlike apartments, houses for rent in San Marcos TX can not be pre-leased as far in advance as apartments can. We typically start pre-leasing our rental homes for a June to August move in around April to May as that is when we will find out if the current occupants will be renewing their lease or moving out at the end of their lease term. If you are wanting to secure a property more than 3 months in advance then apartments may be a better option for you.


I am a college student looking to rent a home in San Marcos TX, are there any restrictions on the type of homes I can rent? 


The city of San Marcos TX strictly enforces a single family housing ordinance which states that no more than two unrelated people can live in a home that is zoned as single family. In other words, there can be no more than two different last names under any one roof in a property that is zoned as single family. The city STRICTLY enforces this rule and fines up to $900 will be issued to those found in violation with a per day fine of $100 therafter until the situation is resolved, which typically ends in moving out of the property. 


If there will be more than two unrelated people living under a roof, then it is advised to search for properties that are zoned as multi-family. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know the zoning for any rental homes in San Marcos, TX that interest you. 


How do I schedule a showing if I am interested in viewing a property or apartment? 


Please contact the 3Z Realty staff by emailing us at, or calling us at 866-999-3349. Email is the preferred method of contact due to the high amount of calls we receive on our rental homes. 


How do I apply for a property and what are your rental requirements? 


Please visit the "Application Process" page to see a list of qualification requirements and to read more about the application process. 


What questions do you have regarding rental homes in San Marcos TX?  
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