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After Graduating From Texas State University and acquiring his real estate license, Robby Roden met Katy Scruton who came into his place of business looking for a home to purchase. Robby cleverly sold her a home in his neighborhood and hired her as his assistant. They quickly fell in love with each other and real estate. 


Katy was diagnosed with Narcolepsy while in college and had a desire to find a cure for the disorder while proving to the world that it would never slow her down.


Robby and Katy decided to start a real estate company in 2011 named 3Z Realty, ZZZ for sleep, to raise funds and awareness for Narcolepsy. 


After many years of hard work and with the support of their friends, family, and clients they now own an office at 2706 Hunter Rd. in San Marcos, Texas with 2 employees and manage over 100 properties under 3Z Property Management.

Below are the many education achievements, affiliations, and awards that Robby has acquired over the years.

Robby "Real Estate" Roden 

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