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Client Appreciation Party, Narcolepsy Awareness Day, & Zaylee's 1st Birthday!

Check out the gallery of amazing photos from our big event below. Shelby Luera with LuLu & Roo Photograph made us all look like rock stars by capturing our special day and producing some of the most professional photos I have ever seen!

The Bar-B-Q was provided by Black's BBQ and My Mom's Famous Gumbo by The Great Toni Roden!

Music Performed by Jesse Stratton & His Son, and The World Renowned Big John Mills.

Be sure to click the links to their website to check out the upcoming shows & grab some merch or music! Jesse Stratton's - Running On Empty is our Narcolepsy Awareness Theme Song listed below.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to all of our amazing clients, friends, and family for attending our special event, bringing so many wonderful gifts for Zaylee, and participating in our Narcolepsy Fundraising Raffle. If you find a photo of you and your family in the gallery and would like a copy of the full size file, please let me know and I will email them over.

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